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Our clients engage us for solutions to their most difficult human capital problems. They ask for our insight because they respect our judgment. They call us when they need an objective, thoughtful, genuine opinion regarding their situation. Our clients are our partners, both personally and professionally. They value our mastery in recognizing developmental opportunities of leadership responsibilities, future vision, and delivering high-performance, diverse leadership teams that bring immediate value and impact to organizations.

Each engagement encompasses a unique set of circumstances that demands a proven, disciplined approach. We know that search strategy must be thoughtfully designed and rigorously executed. With our broad experience across industries, functions and geographies, we understand the search process is anything but linear. We know that Technology search is both a science and an art. We understand that our solutions are individuals who create and accomplish the extraordinary.

Depth of Sourcing Experience

Full-time recruiters with an average of 8 years’ experience.  Our recruiters are consummate professionals and are an equal partner for each search engagement. With each assignment, our recruiters participate in the initial process with client’s hiring manager to be fully versed on the position competencies as well as the all-important cultural/behavioral intangibles. By embracing this team philosophy, Romack ensures the presentation of A Player only individuals.  The professionalism of our recruiters has allowed Romack to develop, nurture and maintain a database of thousands of potential A Players!

Strong National Presence

We provide strong focus nationally, now billing in 36 of the 50 states. Although we headquarter in Irving, TX, we invest in taking the time to meet and maintain relationships across country face to face.


As a regional firm dedicated to a Technology search process model of 100% success, we enjoy the ability to be nimble and sometimes think outside of the norm to tailor each individual assignment agreement to fully meet our client’s needs.

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