IC-Confirm – Independent Contractor Management Services

Worker classification compliance has become a huge issue for companies.  Misclassification is a huge risk for companies.  Government agencies like the DOL and IRS audit companies every year for compliance.  Fines for misclassifications exceed $1 Billion annually.  When hiring independent contractors, you’ll want to make sure that government agencies recognize them as truly independent business people, not as employees by a different name.

Romack provides a comprehensive solution to validate classification and mitigate risk called IC-Confirm.  The IC-Confirm platform is based on the IRS 20 Question checklist, Federal, State and local agency compliance.  IC-Confirm will screen, qualify, track and report on the complete undertaking of engaging independent contractor resources.  IC-Confirm is backed by seasoned HR professionals that will review and recommend classification for each independent contractor.  Romack believes the person to person model that utilizes the experience of our trained staff is much more effective than the completely automated services of many of our competitors.

Resources that meet IC qualifications can be engaged through our Agent of Record services. If a contractor is issued a non-compliant recommendation, Romack will work with that resource to get them compliant or will offer them employment with Romack through our Employer or Record and Payrolling Service.   Our Contractor Payrolling services are offered at a very competitive rates and we have been providing this service for 10+ years.

Should your firm be audited, Romack will provide the information needed to defend an audit.  Our HR professionals will be there to assist with any request.  Also the IC-Confirm platform can produce a complete record that shows the complete classification verification.  Romack has provided thousands of classifications to our clients over the years.  Romack has never had a classification overturned by any Federal, State or Local Agency!

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