Employer of Record

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Employer of Record

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Contractor Payrolling is when a company outsources the employment and payroll of pre-identified or self-sourced temporary or contract labor, whether it’s retirees, alumni, Subject Matter Experts or internal referrals.  Some other examples include Seasonal Short-term or Special Projects, Interim or Probationary Hiring, On-Call Employees, Internal Head Count Restrictions and Misclassified Independent Contractors.  Romack can handles all of these situations for the company.

Contractor Engagement and Onboarding

As the legal employer, Romack manages all new hire paperwork, including employment agreements, worker eligibility, and statutory enrollment documents. Client policies (background checks, drug screenings, NDA’s) can be incorporated into the onboarding process to ensure corporate policy enforcement within the organization. Employees are covered by our statutory and commercial insurances, which include Workers Compensation, Commercial Liability, and Error & Omissions.

Payroll Funding, Processing and Tax Withholdings

As the Employer of Record, Romack processes the payroll and ensures all applicable tax withholdings are made. We provide payroll funding, have flexible payroll cycles, and offer direct deposit to all workers.

Time and Expense Capture, Reporting

Romack provides online self-service tracking and reporting tools for immediate, real-time visibility and information access. Our easy, convenient online system reduces costly hours spent on timesheet submission and approval. Our self-service reporting tools provide a snapshot of your total contractor use and activity.

HR Support and Employee Benefits

Another benefit of outsourcing the employment of contract workers to Romack is that as we become the Employer of Record. Romack is then ultimately responsible for all tasks related to the worker’s employment. All human resource related tasks move from your HR desk to ours, freeing you of the administrative burden of managing contract workers. Contract workers have access to Employee benefits including Health, Dental Life Insurance, and an Employee Discount Program

Customer Service

Providing superior customer service to clients and workers alike is a priority of Romack. Every client and their corresponding contract workers are assigned a dedicated Client Services Manager. This helps to facilitate continuity and understanding of projects and ensures all stakeholders experience a fully personalized service. Romack’s operational strengths, top quartile processes, and procedures, and superior customer service are designed to mirror the business objectives of even the most demanding clients.

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