Direct Sourcing

Exploring Direct Sourcing Advantages for Modern Companies

What is Direct Sourcing Exactly?

Direct sourcing involves enhancing traditional sourcing methods by establishing exclusive talent reservoirs comprising recognized individuals (such as alumni, referrals, retirees) and unfamiliar yet drawn-in individuals (referred to as brand-attracted talent). These reservoirs are subsequently utilized to fulfill staffing needs through the practice of “direct sourcing.”

While the specific configuration and implementation of a direct-sourcing strategy can vary, enterprises typically initiate the process by forming their own distinct “exclusive” talent network or reservoir. This reservoir is alternatively referred to as a private talent cloud or a private talent community and is often established in collaboration with partners like Romack. As more prospective candidates are funneled into this proprietary talent reservoir, it evolves into a centralized resource for aligning potential candidates within the reservoir to fresh requisitions for contingent roles from various managers.

The technology is also key to the candidate experience, ideally providing a simple, streamlined and modern interface for joining an organization’s talent network and responding to job opportunities.  Our Direct Sourcing partner platform like “LiveHire” or “Beeline” is the most sophisticated one-stop platform to effectively manage all aspects of direct sourcing for contingent labor.

Direct-sourcing solutions should work with contingent labor programs including Managed Services Programs (MSP), Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and direct-sourcing solutions that require an Employer of Record (EOR) or Agent of Record (AOR) partner, independent contractor vetting and compliance expertise, Independent Contractor Confirmation (IC Confirm) program management and analytics.

Premium services include a full engagement of the contingent worker by the Direct Sourcing firm.  The journey with the contingent work begins at the initial contact continues thru the contract term and doesn’t stop there.  The contingent worker becomes a trusted resource for the company.  Additional premium services can include paid time off, enhanced benefits and continuing education.

Why Romack as a Partner?

Romack is a WBE certified staffing firm and an industry leading Direct Sourcing partner.  For the last 22 years we have helped Fortune 20 to Mid-size companies identify and retain contingent labor with great success!  We can customize and provide Direct Sourcing, EOR, AOR and premium services to fit any client’s needs.

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