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Romack Agent of Record Services

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Romack’s AoR program enables companies to engage, pay and manage their Independent Contractors, 1099’s and sub-vendors under one central contract. The result is an enterprise-wide process with consolidated billing and minimal administration, delivering significant cost savings for our clients.

Independent Contractor Engagement, Billing & Payment


Relieve your procurement, accounts payable and HR departments from the time and effort spent on the administrative tasks involved with paying and managing Independent Contractors, 1099 workers and sub-vendors.
Romack – 1099 Managed Service


Our sub-vendor billing and payment program is an outsourced solution for consolidating billing, payment, contracts and statutory and corporate policy processes.  This program enables companies to expand their supply chain by adding additional vendors and niche suppliers as sub-contractors to Romack.

Strategic plan development

With our contractor payroll solutions, Romack becomes a firewall of protection for your business, enabling you to outsource the engagement, compliance, and administration of your contingent labor.

Outsourced Administration
  • On / Off-Boarding process for Independent Contractors, 1099’s and sub-vendors
  • Contract management
  • Fast, efficient payment processing
  • SOW / PO admin
  • Year-end 1099 processing
Consolidated Processes
  • Single contract with Romack, and Romack sub-contracts with vendors
  • Single consolidated invoice regardless of number of sub-vendors
  • Flexible billing cycles
  • Customizable invoice configuration
Risk Management
  • Corporate policy enforcement, including:
    • Insurance requirements
    • Background checks
    • Client specific NDA’s
  • Break in service rules
  • Tenure and termination adherence
  • Document collection and verification
  • Co-employment mitigation program
  • 1099 / Independent Contractor structure evaluation via our IC program

Client Services

  • Superior customer service support
  • Single point of contact allocated for your sub-vendors
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