Romack Analytics

Smart business is all about your customers – and analysis about your customers’ behavior is essential.  The Romack Analytics group augments your current analytics organization with highly specialized analysts and developers who provide expertise on all aspects of marketing, risk and/or web analytics activities.  Armed with experience utilizing a vast array of market-leading tools and leveraging years of hands-on experience across a variety of industries and market sectors, our analytics consultants can help you to collect, analyze and decision-critical data concerning your business operations.

Marketing Analytics

Smart business is all about your customers – and finding the right customers is critical to any company’s success. Whether you’re seeking new customers through a targeted email campaign, a mass mailing or by sifting through a database of thousands of potential customers, successful marketing campaigns require thorough research, meticulous planning and long-term follow-up. Romack can assist with not only the planning but also the execution of any type of marketing analytics engagement, offering expertise in every phase of the effort, with market-tested skills including:

  • IBM Enterprise Marketing Management (formerly Unica)
  • Aprimo
  • Eloqua
  • Neolane

Risk Analytics

In the face of increased competition, small, medium and large sized businesses alike are looking at opportunities to decrease costs and increase profitability.  This renewed focus on the bottom line coupled with mounting regulatory oversight is driving businesses to utilize Risk Analytics as a tool to identify opportunities to decrease costs through a reduction in credit risk, reduce the cost of regulatory compliance, identify and manage operational risk across the enterprise, etc.  This drive to increase organizational risk understanding has triggered a need for a different type of analytics resource and Romack has answered the call by offering consultants with real-world experience with tools such as:


Web Analytics

Web Analytics:  In today’s market, businesses that wish to remain competitive and continue to grow are compelled to pay close attention to their presence on the internet.  But merely having a functional website is not enough – it is also important to know how many potential customers visited the website, which pages were viewed, how long the session lasted, etc.  These important pieces of information can only be learned through Website Analytics and to assist clients with this vital analysis effort, Romack offers consultants with expertise across a variety of tools and processes:

  • Google Analytics
  • Omniture Site Catalyst
  • Google AdWords
  • Omniture Test & Target
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Webtrends
  • Heat Maps