MDM Sourcing

The Romack MDM Group partners with firms like Riversand, Informatica, and IBM for your data needs.  The Romack MDM Group also augments your current MDM/Analytics organization with highly specialized analysts and developers who provide expertise on all aspects of Reporting, Data Governance, Data Cleanup, Information Delivery Process and Improvement activities.  Armed with experience utilizing a vast array of market-leading tools and leveraging years of hands-on experience across a variety of industries and market sectors, our analytics contractors can help you to scope and prioritize implementation of specific solutions (process and technology) and carefully coordinate efforts with the broader program, within aggressive timeframe.  We can also assist you with that Search for the fulltime A-Level Player that will be a great asset to your team.


Master Data Management (MDM), Product Information Management (PIM), Data Quality, Multi Domain MDM, Data Governance, Customer Data Management, Vendor Master, Vendor Portal, Digital Asset Management, Media Asset Management, Print Publishing, and Material Master

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