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MDM is, according to the analysts at Gartner: “… a technology-enabled business discipline in which business and IT organizations work together to ensure the uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, semantic consistency and accountability of the organization’s official, shared master data assets. It is increasingly identified by organizations with (1) the launch of a formal enterprise information management (EIM) strategy and (2) the foundation of an information governance program that supports EIM.”

Master Data is the life blood of any organization.  Coming from many different sources synchronization can be very complex and challenging.  The truth of the matter is that most organizations so far do not have the upkeep structure and simple to-utilize instruments that would empower individuals to rapidly advance master information at its least level, in light of focal institutionalized principles and unmistakably characterized possession.

Consequently, it is nothing unexpected that issues with master data quality and administration result principally from tedious, blunder inclined manual information support forms. What’s more, this circumstance isn’t constrained to specific parts or enterprises. Neither does it connect with particular specialty units and divisions.  Bad information like bad blood can kill or infect any organization.

Our MDM consulting team works closely with company leadership to understand and define business goals, information and these issues. The team defines a design and approach to the challenge.  Business rules and processes are put into place to create a single master database.  The MDM acts as the single source of the truth for data and content for supply and demand chains.  Working together with information administration, a MDM arrangement outlined, created, and sent by our Romack MDM group will give on-going, provable, and manageable incentive to your association.

Romack works with leading partners to establish and maintain Master Data.  Regardless of whether you require a Customer MDM or Product MDM arrangement, or whether you’re thinking about arrangements from Microsoft®, Informatica®, Stibo®, Riversand®, Enterworks®, PimCore®, or others, we can help.

MDM Cloud Services

Romack offers an economical approach to data.  Clients can store, access, and update mission critical data on the Romack MDM Cloud.  Our cloud offers our clients a much more economical approach for efficient, secure data warehouse technology to collect, aggregate, match, consolidate, qualify, and validate sensitive data. Client enterprises who have partnered with Romack on Master Data Management deployments attest to its long-term value. Advantages include the elimination of costly duplicate processes, a provision of higher quality, up-to-date information across user entities, and automated Data Governance and compliance rules to ensure ongoing consistency and control.

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