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If you’re looking to outsource your back office payroll services for your independent recruiting business, you’re in the right place. Romack is designed around how independent recruiters and staffing professional do business. With our high-tech tools and high-touch support, you earn more money and get more done.  We offering industry leading competitive fees.  Most of our EOR fees average 22% or less. Unlike our competition, we are open to three party agreements, Prime Vendor agreements, and Secondary Vendor agreements.

Payroll services, workers’ comp coverage, staffing insurance, employer of record support – we can help with it all from A to Z. We integrate seamlessly featuring your company brand so it looks and feels like your very own back office payroll company.

Our comprehensive back office services help independent staffing professionals work smarter. Romack takes the headache out of contract staffing services so you can focus on your client and candidate relationships – NOT administrative tasks, financial risks or legal liabilities. No one does more for independent recruiters than Romack!

Romack’s Traditional EOR services provide:

  • Employer of Record for your temps
  • E-Verify/I9 onboarding documentation
  • Background tests and Drug Tests
  • Healthcare and benefits administration
  • Payroll funding (included)
  • Weekly processing of timecards
  • Weekly Processing of payroll
  • Tax withholdings and administration
  • Workers Comp insurance
  • Unemployment claims
  • A suite of insurance coverages: General Liability, Professional Liability, Errors, and Omissions, Cyber Liability, Auto, and more. Tailored certificates of insurance available for your clients.

Additional Services available:

  • Secondary Contract position (based on Client and Company analysis)
  • Collections of invoices *new Payment ACH portal
  • State of the art portals: For you; for your candidates; for your clients
  • Online Invoicing and billing of clients
  • Online real-time Credit analysis and approval of clients
  • Perm invoicing and collections
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